Dear customers we are very glad to see you .Repairing washing machines in home always a challenging task. Continuous learning of repairing techniques helped us to provide best quality of service to our customers.

Home Service

We focus on not only providing quality of service, but also service on time. Please make a call to our service center in case of repair. We will send our best technician to our customer’s home.( may be a main arrangement for providing andintroduced, for repairing customer washing machines of various kinds.

For this our professionals are there and they are tough and qualified in this field. Here we our Washing Machine Service Center Hyderabad Secunderabad management decided to give a quality service to the customers. We’ve declare thatfurther you can likewise protect your out-of –warranty. We have a tendency to decision.

Check your choices here.

Why you have to approach ( because of all these reasons.

How we provide service to the customers.

. Doorstep repair over everywhere in Hyderabad and Secunderabad to enlist a protest.

. Foundation checked, trained skilful guarantee secure repair.

. Honest to goodness additional and programming because it were. 90days warranty an all repair.

. More ten thousand consummated people had a service from us crossed up to 225 urban communities in Hyderabad and secunderabad.

. We square measure positive of our work and supply a 90 days profit guarantee.

Utilization of real spares parts.

Many people rely on a few of rupees by purchasing copy components that square measure the first. It’s perpetually prudent to utilize components that are tried for unwavering quality. This may allow understanding ideal and then execution and will not trade off other basic components of product and again it will raise a problem by this customer will lose and have disappointment for this.( has an incomparable administration organized a more than 80 service center branches around Hyderabad and Secunderabad.

Thus you’ll get your item settled in any a part of twin cities. In each and every area branchhas more than 100 expert technical staff is there for immediate service to thecustomers, Our professionals will do service to all types of branded washing machines.

Because they have a 8-10 years of experience in doing service of all brands of washingmachines. Even though they will cover non brands washing machines errors also.

Benefit offers:

Here our ( offers affordable washer administrationand repair washing machine at a low price at a cost of rs.350/- only.

Our service center started giving some exciting offers like many types now started year end offers tothe customers that if once service had from our professional’s then consumer will get afree coupon to have a free service to his other electronic Home appliances by withoutpaying service charges to that repairing.

If and if only spare parts charges can be takenif it replaced from our professionals.

How to approach us:

If you want our service to your product in hyderabad nad secunderabad regions then kindly just log on to our website( and fill your complaint details and give your order or you can approach us in another way also by contacting our Washing Machine ServiceCenter Hyderabad Secunderabad head office contact numbers which are given below and give your complaint details with residential address then our telecallers will send all details to your area our service center branch professionals team and then our technical staff will give you present in a few hours of time and resolve all your errors ofyour washing machine in a same day itself.


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