Top load Washing Machine

Top load Washing Machine

 Top Load Washing Machines:

IS Your Top Load Washing Machine is Sounding Noisy ?

One of the common problems that frequently occur in washing machines is “Noise”. Some times top load washing machines make a nasty noise while washing clothes. 

The best solution for this problem is to check inside the washing machine.Check for any drive belt failure. Most probably this may be the problem behind the noise.Follow these steps to solve this problem:

i) Make washing machine free from clothes.Just remove the back panel of top load washing machine and also remove water hose.

ii) Check the entire belt, somewhere whether it is broke somewhere in the middle.

iii) Its best way to change the drive belt before it brake completely.

iv) Check the bearings condition , If their condition is poor, Please replaces them immediately.

v) Clean washer at least twice in a month o avoid dirt on it.

Some Washing machine tips to our Customers:

Tip 1: Please avoid using too much washing powder while washing clothes.

Tip 2: Run an empty cycle with washing machine cleaning powder which is available in market, also can purchase from our service center.

Tip 3: Place washing machine in flat floor , such a way that all four legs stand firmly on ground.

Replacing failed bearings is very Important:

Yes, replacing top load washing machine bearings is very important. If not in that case all parts of washing machine like basket , spider arm, outer tub may damage very quickly.

Top Load washing machine Agitator Problems:

Agitator works to provide motion in washing tub  with shakes and rotations. In some scenario filling more cloths in side the washing machine for washing may lead to irregular movements of washing tub.This may damage the agitator.These are some common problems with agitator.

i) Agitator internally connected with electrical circuit, if the circuit fails it may damage the agitator too.

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