Washing Machine Repair Secunderabad

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As a result of many increasing population Washing machine repair secunderabad  is constantly increasing as families living increases. In this great city every    one needs to run with the time and time saving is major factor.

Even though we have bagged the appliance of higher amounts in our home, we won’t get satisfied and even eye on other devices which have quite interesting features than what we’ve bought. As, we are human beings, there is no limits of gratification for us.

And we at (washingmachineservice.in ) stands as the perfect boundary for gratifying you in terms  providing you best Washing Machine Repair  Secunderabad. Depending upon the standards of washing machines present in today’s market, we’ve groomed our technicians in such a way that, they can resolve all the glitches.

Our tech guys can increase the performance of your appliance to next level. Most common issues what we hear in this washing machines are due to improper usage or mishandling it. If it seems like the day  comfortable to you to wash all your clothes but, your washer isn’t managing all the stress which is being posed on it, this may result to burn out of main motor or any other pivotal part.

The second issue is water leakage, this might be due to failure of inlet or outlet pipe which is used to grab sufficient amount of water into the drum to wash and to release it, out. Water management issues are in the list of most raised one’s in these machines. Depending upon the regular usage of the appliance and quality of it, the range of bug can be estimated.

However, giving the right solution for right bug, this is only possible for few technicians who has good ground of knowledge and good numbers of experience in giving services for appliances. We hold such tech staff who has, all such characteristics that too who maintains quite friendly relationship with our every customer. Now, if you’re thinking about the price tags of our services, they are quite low compared to other service centers   in the market that too at the door step service.

So far all these   problems   has been facing then you may have only best choice for it that   you have to approach our Service center  which is located  near  by your  area secunderabad  because we provide high class and quality based service giving  to latest featured washing machines  with professionally trained experts  who are capable  to do  service of all brands washing machines .

Our company  is taking full responsible of customers products  in repairing , this management will see only customers satisfaction but not the  money here company Will do free service to the customers if not done well as well as now recently this company has got award from the state government deputy CM.

This  company has reached the high peaks  here it is giving  new exciting offers that if once service done to a customer’s  washing machine then  he will get one coupon that for having service of another home appliances at a free of cost .only spare parts charges can be taken.

Refrigerator Service 300/- 90 DAYS 1 Year 2500
Microwave Oven Service 250/- 90 DAYS 1 Year 1500
Air Conditioner Service 550/- 90 DAYS 1 Year 5000
Washing Machine Front Load Service 350/- 90 DAYS 1 Year 6000
Washing Machine Semi Automatic Service 520/- 90 DAYS 1 Year 3000
Washing Machine Top Load Service 300/- 90 DAYS 1 Year 5500
TV Lcd Led Palace Crt Service 350/- 90 DAYS 1 Year 300/500/10000
Geyser Service 200/- 90 DAYS 1 Year 1000