IFB Washing Machine Service Repair Center Hyderabad Secunderabad

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Have you heard about highly reputed home appliances brand, IFB? It is one of the most fulfilled brands in producing the home appliances across the globe. Since, the time when the company was launched, there were many innovative devices offered by the company. As, the appliances purchasing rate were reached to heights, number of service centres of IFB can’t satisfy all the customers. The other reason why the customers stay away from company’s service centres is, due to longer delays in response from them. Yes, we all know, company service centre people, responds after quite longer periods of time after, the repeated complaints from the appliance holder. Speaking, about the servicing of IFB washing machines, we at washingmachineservice.com are the top notch IFB Washing Machine Service Repair Center Hyderabad Secunderabad. 

 Control and operating system of IFB appliances is quite different compared to other branded appliances, one might feel apprehensive or bewildered to use the apparatus because of its bit complicated operating systems. Speaking about the raise of issues in these tech devices, as like other appliances, IFB appliances undergo minor and major breakdowns due to repeated and long hours of usage.

We have diagnosed huge number of IFB appliances with wide variety of issues. So, if you are facing any sort of errors in your any type of IFB branded devices, we are here to undertake the issue on our shoulders and deliver you the best service that too with the out and out precision along with economical bills. If you are the person of do it yourselfer, then there is a excellent offer waiting for you.

Our tech staff will provide you the algorithm of solving your appliance glitch on our own and then, if you still find your issue isn’t resolved, then you can hit our telephone numbers back to take help of our technicians to repair your appliance by raising a ticket.

Our service technicians carry all the needed internal parts of your device when they are out for service. Any, if there is a scope of replacement of any part, then you no need to rush out here and there. Our tech guys will take care of all replacement tasks that too with all branded and authentic parts. We offer warranty for our service of 1 month and we give warranty of 3 months on our every replaced part in your faulty appliance.

 Do you think, anyone gonna offer you beyond all these exciting offers? What are you thinking about? Just log on our official website (http://washingmachinesservice.in ) and raise a ticket with us and start exploring our world home appliances services. And just take a new and quality service from us at a small time , Here our company is giving genuine and quality service to our all the customers at a low cost of price at just rs.350/- and  our company is giving some exciting offers to our customers that if a  customer’s has got repaired once to his washing machine then he may get a chance to have a another product service  at a free of cost .only spare parts charges can be taken only .by this customer will not to pay service charges and  he can have a quality service from a branded company.

Refrigerator Service 300/- 90 DAYS 1 Year 2500
Microwave Oven Service 250/- 90 DAYS 1 Year 1500
Air Conditioner Service 550/- 90 DAYS 1 Year 5000
Washing Machine Front Load Service 350/- 90 DAYS 1 Year 6000
Washing Machine Semi Automatic Service 520/- 90 DAYS 1 Year 3000
Washing Machine Top Load Service 300/- 90 DAYS 1 Year 5500
TV Lcd Led Palace Crt Service 350/- 90 DAYS 1 Year 300/500/10000
Geyser Service 200/- 90 DAYS 1 Year 1000