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We  are much passionate at repairing home appliances like Washing machines.This might be the one line can tell about us. Its been a great journey , which was full of  challenges that should meet customer satisfaction.

About Our Expert Team:

About us -our repairs

We consider any small problem in washing machine.

All these years we have been solving  many  repairing issues in all home appliances.

We noticed that washing machine has its own repairing issues.

All that experience in  repairing machines taught us many things.That knowledge is helping us to improve our quality of service.

Our experienced Service Engineers team always been there to teach our junior technicians to solve the repairing issues sooner and faster.

Expert team of our company were always busy in fixing new repairing issues that occur in especially new model washing machines.

Refrigerator Service 300/- 90 DAYS 1 Year 2500
Microwave Oven Service 250/- 90 DAYS 1 Year 1500
Air Conditioner Service 550/- 90 DAYS 1 Year 5000
Washing Machine Front Load Service 350/- 90 DAYS 1 Year 6000
Washing Machine Semi Automatic Service 520/- 90 DAYS 1 Year 3000
Washing Machine Top Load Service 300/- 90 DAYS 1 Year 5500
TV Lcd Led Palace Crt Service 350/- 90 DAYS 1 Year 300/500/10000
Geyser Service 200/- 90 DAYS 1 Year 1000


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it s good service center.
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